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  • Making the Exceptional Happen

    'Making the Exceptional Happen' is our most ambitious fundraising campaign, aiming to raise £60 million in philanthropic income and 60,000 volunteering hours from 6,000 volunteers by December 2020. 

    Thanks to your support we have achieved our goal 12 months ahead of schedule! Can you help us achieve even more by the end of the year?


    Emergency Appeal: Coronavirus Fightback

    We have launched a dedicated website to raise funds for a range of COVID-19 projects taking place all over the University of Exeter.

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    Latest news: Campaign hits target one year early

    The University of Exeter’s fundraising campaign, ‘Making the Exceptional Happen’ has reached its target of £60 million of philanthropic donations one year ahead of schedule.

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    Latest news: £1 million to help protect biodiversity

    £1 million has been donated to create the new role of “Dragon Capital Chair in Biodiversity Economics"

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    Latest news: £1.25 million to be at cutting-edge of genomics

    A new, state-of-the-art genome sequencing platform will significantly upgrade Exeter’s research into the genomic basis of health and disease.

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    Latest news: First Mireille Gillings Fellows appointed

    Three Mireille Gillings Professorial Fellows in Health Innovation have been funded thanks to a £10 million donation from the Dennis and Mireille Gillings Foundation.

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    Latest news: Volunteering reaches 125% of goal

    University of Exeter alumni have donated 75,000 hours to the institution’s ‘Making the Exceptional Happen’ Campaign since it began in 2012.

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