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    Careers and your future

    As well as studying a subject you are passionate about, one of the main reasons for going to university is to get a great job after graduating. Here are just some of the reasons why we are the university of choice for many career-minded students:

    95% of our graduates are in employment or further study six months after graduation

    Top 15 higher education institutions targeted by the largest number of top employers in 2016/17

    Superb links with hundreds of international, national and regional employers

    Opportunities to spend time in industry in the UK and abroad

    Modules on employability are included in all our degree programmes

    Advice and guidance to match your skills and interests to a career that will suit you

    Dedicated hub to support activities which help you develop entrepreneurship skills

    Comprehensive programme of events to prepare you to compete in the job market

    Preparing you for an exciting career

    Employers recruit graduates who can show evidence of team work, leadership or who have spent time travelling and experiencing new situations and cultures. Everything you do socially, academically and in the workplace can make you more employable. We will help you to identify and articulate these skills to prospective employers.